Our company is at the forefront of the biomedical research industry thanks to professionals who have had more than 30 years of medical and research experience.

Christopher Duma, MD, FACS

President and Founder

Board-Certified Neurosurgeon
Medical Director Hoag Hospital Brain Tumor Program
Extensive Neurosurgical Specialties
Extensive Neurosurgical Innovations, and patents
Stem Cell Transplant Pioneer
Multiple Honors and Distinctions

Christopher Duma, M.D., FACS is board-certified in neurosurgery and serves as Medical Director of Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital’s Brain Tumor Program, in Newport Beach, CA. He has practiced neurosurgery since 1987. His expertise is in the surgical management of brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease and hydrocephalus, and is skilled in minimally invasive neurosurgery. Because he covers the gamut of open general brain surgery, Gamma Knife and CyberKnife radiosurgery, he is uniquely qualified to offer an unbiased and very modern opinion on how any brain pathology should be managed.

Dr. Duma performs brain mapping and employs his patented technology designed to halt the spread of malignant gliomas. His Gamma Knife “Leading Edge” technique which holds a US Patent, allows him to halt the migration of primary brain tumor cells through the brain in a novel way.

Additionally, Dr. Duma has been performing deep brain stimulation (DBS) since its FDA approval in 1998 to control movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor, and improve the day-to-day functions of his patients. DBS involves implanting a medical device that operates like a pacemaker in the chest that sends electrical pulses to stimulate specific areas of the brain, alleviating stiffness, rigidity and tremors. “DBS does not cure these diseases, but it can offer hope to patients when the shaking becomes severely disabling and affects their quality of life.”

Dr. Duma has the world’s first experience of injecting autologous mesenchymal fat-derived mesenchymal stem cells directly into the ventricles of the brain for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Dr. Duma is an ardent supporter of patient education and support. He serves as founder and CEO of the “Music-Heals Project” a charitable organization, whose mission is to use music for healing, and to provide community outreach, resources, education, and fitness programs for patients of all ages with movement disorders.

Finally, Dr. Duma received the coveted Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019-2020.

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Bill Miller


As CEO of Regeneration Biomedical, Inc. Bill Miller is responsible for organizing and running a start up Biomedical Company focused on a treatment for Neurological Disorders and Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Advanced Stage Multiple Sclerosis, CTE, ALS, Dementia, etc. He will be responsible for a capital raise of Series A friends and family and, subsequently, Series B private capital while exploring near term public capital raising options as well. He will lead the Capital Markets efforts, FDA approvals, running the day to day business, overseeing all employees and third party relationships while creating appropriate authorities to successfully execute a strategic plan.

Bill is a proven leader with P&L experience and a proven track record of increasing sales and earnings for private equity companies, asset managers, real estate companies and insurance firms. He has had significant success managing through change, company mergers and fund listings all while building and motivating best in class teams.

Most recently, as part of the acquisition of Cole Capital, Bill Miller served as President and Chief Executive Officer of CCO Capital, LLC, the dealer-manager subsidiary of CIM Group. He fully integrated $8 Billion in Assets, 150+ employees and hundreds of broker/dealer, bank and RIA relationships over from Cole Capital to CIM Group. In this role, Mr. Miller provided strategic direction and oversaw all aspects of the management of CIM’s retail distribution and private wealth channels, including capital markets, securities operations, external and internal sales, product development and due diligence and broker-dealer relationship management.

Mr. Miller has served in the financial services business for 26 years with extensive leadership experience in capital markets, asset management, real estate and distribution. Prior to joining CIM, he served in a similar capacity as President and Chief Executive Officer at Cole Capital. Additionally, he served as Senior Vice President and Director of National Accounts for American Funds. Mr. Miller has also held Alternative Investments product management positions, as well as sales and wholesale distribution leadership positions, with Realty Capital Securities, AXA Equitable Distributors, Lincoln Financial Distributors and Manulife / John Hancock.

Mr. Miller is a graduate of Hobart College. He holds FINRA Series 7, 63 and 24 licenses.

Bob Lynn

COO / Research Director

Bob has extensive experience in the biologic implant/therapy field and has a proven track record in the development and marketing of “biologics” since 1996 with specific expertise in Bone Morphogenetic Proteins and Stem Cells. Bob has been a part of developing and launching a number of biomedical companies, guiding them through their growth, taking them public, and then through merger and acquisition or sale.

Bob is a proven leader in the Biomedical field. Before becoming COO at Regeneration Biomedical, Inc (RBI), Bob served as COO of the Foundation for Neuroscience Research, VP of Medical Education at AdvancedMed, National Director of Biologics Development at Pinnacle Spine, National Director of Biologics and Special Projects at Alphatec Spine, and Regional Director of Sales and Product Development for Cortek.

Bob has led the RBI team through the research and development of the CEREWiNT project and has managed them through the FDA process from application through Phase 1 clearance and is now directing the CEREWiNT Clinical Trial for RBI with the team at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach.

Hans S. Keirstead, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Led Multiple Successful Companies
International Stem Cell Pioneer
Extensive Clinical Experience
Professor at UCl and Keio
Advises Multiple Governments
Multiple Honors and Distinctions

Dr. Keirstead is an internationally known stem cell expert and has led therapy development for late stage cancers, immune disorders, motor neuron diseases, spinal cord injury and retinal diseases. He is the CEO of AIVITA Biomedical. He was previously CSO of Caladrius which acquired California Stem Cell in 2014. Dr. Keirstead founded California Stem Cell, served as CEO, and led 3 rounds of the investment and sale of the Company, each at high value gain to investors. In the past 18 months, he has led the application for and award of approximately $22M of grants. He holds positions in several prominent biotechnology companies.

Previously, he founded and served as the CEO of Ability Biomedical, which developed technology sold to Bristol Myers Squibb at high value gain to investors. Concurrently, Dr. Keirstead was a Professor at the University of California at Irvine where he founded and directed the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center, raising $77 million to establish its research building. As a Full Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, he was awarded over $16 million in grants during his 15 year tenure. He has mentored over 100 students, published over 100 manuscripts, and has been granted over 20 patents. In 2005, he was awarded the Distinguished Award for Research, the UCI Academic Senate’s highest honor, as well as the UCI Innovation Award for innovative research leading to corporate and clinical development. He was a founding advisor of the California Stem Cell Initiative that resulted in a $3 billion stem cell fund (CIRM). He has been a long-time advisor to several governments on biomedical policy.

Dr. Keirstead received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of British Columbia, Canada for which he received the Cameron Award for the outstanding Ph.D. thesis in the country. He conducted four years of Post-Doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge. He received the distinct honor of election as Senate Member of the University of Cambridge and Fellow of the Governing Body of Downing College, and was the youngest member to have been elected to those positions.

Gabriel Nistor, MD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Nistor has been involved in many clinical research projects in numerous fields and conducted seminal research at University of California, Irvine between 2000 and 2010. He has broad, multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in all science areas, with primary expertise in the biological and medical fields. He is a world leader in stem cell and spinal cord injury research and has developed many novel methods and procedures to the advancement of those fields.

In 2004, under the direction of Hans Keirstead of the Keirstead Research Group at UC Irvine, Dr. Nistor successfully co-developed a human embryonic stem cell derived treatment for acute spinal cord injuries in rats. That treatment was approved by the FDA for clinical trials in humans with acute spinal cord injuries. The trial, currently in progress sponsored by Asterias Biotherapeutics, marks the first human embryonic stem cell trial ever approved in the U.S.

While serving as advisor to Regeneration Biomedical, Dr. Nistor also serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Aivita Biomedical, Irvine CA. Prior to Aivita, Dr. Nistor served as Vice President, Research at Caladrius Biosciences. There he created a quality-by-design environment compliant with modern cGMP practices to support the research, development and manufacturing troubleshooting of a phase III clinical trial for advanced stage melanoma using autologous tumor initiating cells and autologous dendritic cells. From 2006-2014 Gabriel served as Vice President, Research and Development at California Stem Cell, Inc. There he developed and patented reagent, manufacturing processes, in-process control and releasing criteria for stem cell derivates suitable for cell-replacement therapies. He developed methods for differentiating human embryonic stem cells in high purity populations of oligodendrocytes, neurons, cardiomyocytes, and hepatocytes. During his time at California Stem Cell, he also developed an in vitro human neuro-muscular system from stem cell-derived motor neurons and primary myoblasts differentiated to skeletal muscle. He developed a concept and conditions for

stemness maintenance, stem cell niche and differentiation mechanism of human embryonic stem cells, used successfully to grow very large quantities of cells with regulatory compliance. Following the acquisition and successful technology transfer of a Phase Ill immune-therapy for late stage metastatic melanoma, he improved manufacturing for purified tumor initiating cells with a new set of reagents and methods designed for a higher success rate.

Gabriel’s recent scientific accomplishments include successfully expanded then isolated Wnt-expressing adipose derived stem cells for Regeneration Biomedical’s CEREWiNT program and successfully isolating and expanding circulating tumor cells from cancer patients and identified factors that allow survival of the cells in routine blood samples. He has developed proprietary reagents and methods that enabled consistent isolation of cancer “stem” cells from bulk tumors and rapid expansion for use as antigenic sources. Gabriel has also investigated the feasibility and established methods for the manufacture of purified tumor stem cells as antigen sources for autologous immune-therapy approaches in other types of cancer including hepatocellular carcinoma, ovarian cancer, non-small lung cancer, glioblastoma, and more. He has also developed a final product potency assay and discovered clinical predictive and efficacy biomarkers for dendritic cell based immune-therapy that could complement the current approaches based on checkpoint inhibitors. Using complex investigative methods that included exomic analysis of the purified tumor “stem” cells and mixed lymphocyte reactions elucidated multiple pathways of immune response to strong or weak antigens resulted from cancer associated mutations equally suggestive for immune-escape and tumorigenesis.

Dr. Nistor has submitted and been awarded multiple grants from agencies including CIRM and NIH totaling over $20 million.

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