Our proprietary therapy is derived from a patient’s own fat cells, which is a First-in-Class Adipose-Derived Stem Cell population. We use a proprietary isolation-expansion-enrichment manufacturing protocol to synthesize the therapy and inject it directly into the brain. This revolutionary treatment enriches the appropriate cells, which express Wnt signaling and neuronal lineages (brain appropriate). Additionally, transplanted cells provide neuronal trophic support via secretions and cell-cell signaling.

Product Advantages

As mentioned, our therapeutic product is sourced from the patient. It is a low-risk fat extraction procedure that is less painful than bone marrow extractions.

  • Administered to Patient
  • Does Not Induce an Immune Response
  • Reservoir Installation Is Safe and Routine
  • Reservoir Filling via Syringe Is Quick and Safe

Discover The Future

Our company is at the forefront of the biomedical research industry thanks to professionals who have had more than 30 years of medical and research experience.

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